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Creating Art is a solitary experience, and finding and building opportunities for artists to connect with one another and the community is the focus of the LuminArt collective. Although the artists differ in their choice of media, they share a passion for contemporary and abstract colour imagery.They focus on experimental work that evokes the sub-conscious, faces that are often larger than life, and photography that highlights the intimate and abstract elements of nature.
Who we are...

LuminArt was founded in 2011. The group consists of Callie Gray (mixed media artist), Grethe Jensen (painter), Felicity Somerset (fine art photographer) and Celine Cimon (Painting and Bas-relief Sculpture). LuminArt’s inaugural exhibit, Colour Escape, in November 2012 received much acclaim, and there were many repeat visits to see the displayed work. In March 2013, LuminArt teamed up with the SolidColour group of contemporary abstract painters for a joint exhibition, Exuberance, at the Kumf Gallery in Toronto.
Up Coming Shows  
Details of our next show at the Wynchwood Barns Gallery (Toronto) will soon be posted.
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